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Blue Mountain Women

Blue Mountain Women was founded in Nottingham, in 2006, by Veronica E. Barnes for women facing menopause from Caribbean and African backgrounds who are statistically overlooked in British healthcare institutions.

Our name reflects the challenges and triumphs of menopause – a journey that can feel like climbing a mountain or experiencing moments of blue.  

Here at 
Blue Mountain Women,
we host seminars on health, wellbeing and heritage histories

By doing so, we hope to drive educational, historical, political, and economic sustainability; locally, nationally, and globally. Our information empowers informed decisions for women’s holistic well-being, while our interactive learning centre delights the mind with history in a creative way.  

The Blue Mountains of Jamaica

The majestic Blue Mountains, found in Jamaica, hold a special place in the foundations of our organisation’s ethos; rooted in the Jamaican heritage of our founding director, these mountains symbolise strength and the spirit of unity.

Just as the Blue Mountains stand tall, our mission is to empower women and uplift their voices to create a united front for positive change.

The natural beauty and cultural significance of the Blue Mountains continue to inspire us, so that we can forge a path that echoes their enduring legacy.

Who are ‘Blue Mountain Women’?

The name came about because of the effects of the Menopause on the lives of women, for example, the menopause often makes one feel like climbing a mountain and at other times can make women feel blue.

To overcome this, Blue Mountain Women CIC organises awareness seminars on women’s health, and other women’s related issues, in order to combat poor health and isolation. Included in our programmes and initiatives is our quest for educational, historical, political and economic sustainability – locally, nationally and globally.

The information we provide will enable women to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing, and we have created an interactive learning centre to give our members the opportunity to learn about our history in a fun and creative way. 

Everyone is welcome to join our group regardless of nationality or gender – so please feel free to send us a message and connect

Our core activities span cultural education, health initiatives, social work, and support for the arts. Through our initiatives, we inspire, educate, and uplift our local Nottingham communities, with a focus on supporting women’s empowerment and well-being.

We signpost academic and medical information, support our local community, and empower the younger generations. We intend to celebrate African Caribbean heritage and histories alongside all other nationalities, weaving them into a narrative that has long excluded our African ancestors. 

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