What and who are we?

We are a community of women who organises awareness workshops on the menopause, mental health and other health related issues, the information we provide will enable women to make informed decisions about their mental health and well wellbeing.

Due to the period of subjection in our history (African Caribbean people), we have been ashamed of our past, frightened of the present and not daring to think of the future. In order to regain our total freedom to determine our own destiny. We must go beyond revolt to redefine ourselves independently of the dominant culture which has tried to erase our cultural, historical and economic existence.

A Conscious Awareness

That there is a power in us, an absolute sovereignty and ability to rebuild a new society where there are possibilities of Hope, Justice and Peace.

A Determination

To act in concert and solidarity to banish once and for all forms of racism and dehuminisation from our society.


Be proud of our culture today as our Forefathers and Foremothers were in the days of yore.

We always
see heritage

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Meet Our Team

Veronica Barnes
Hyacinth Banton
Octavia Harris
Angela Lewis

Wehave an obligation to impress upon our youth/support the collective responsibility for
young and old to work together and bridge the generation gap.

Contact Info

Address: 192 Noel Street Nottingham NG7 6AT

Phone: 07550371810

Email: bluemountainwomen@gmail.com

Email: info@bluemountainwomen.org


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