A special Thank You to all Committee Members, past and present.

Below you will find the policy and legal expectations of our valued Committee Members;

1. Commitment to the Mission: 

  • Understand and fully support the mission, vision, and values of Blue Mountain Women CIC. 
  • Actively contribute to advancing the organisation’s goals and objectives. 
  • Agree to uphold the terms and conditions of Blue Mountain Women CIC.  



2. Attendance and Participation: 

  • Attend committee meetings regularly and punctually. 
  • Participate in discussions, share insights, and contribute to decision-making. 
  • Notify the Chair or Secretary in advance if unable to attend a meeting. 



3. Preparation: 

  • Review meeting materials and relevant documents before each meeting. 
  • Come prepared to discuss agenda items and provide informed input. 



4. Advocacy and Promotion: 

  • Act as an ambassador for Blue Mountain Women CIC in your community and networks. 
  • Promote the organisation’s initiatives and events to increase awareness and participation. 



5. Expertise and Contributions: 

  • Utilise your unique skills, knowledge, and experiences to benefit the organisation. 
  • Provide guidance and insights in areas relevant to your expertise. 



6. Decision-Making: 

  • Make well-informed decisions that align with the best interests of Blue Mountain Women CIC and its stakeholders. 
  • Participate in voting on matters requiring committee approval. 



7. Confidentiality and Integrity: 

  • Handle sensitive information with discretion and maintain confidentiality. 
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards in all interactions related to the organisation. 
  • Comply with local laws and GDPR regulations to ensure data is protected at all times. 



8. Support for Initiatives: 

  • Take an active role in supporting and leading specific initiatives, projects, or subcommittees as needed. 



9. Governance and Compliance: 

  • Familiarise yourself with the organisation’s governing documents, policies, and legal requirements. 
  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. 



10. Teamwork and Collaboration:  

  • Collaborate with fellow committee members, staff, volunteers, and stakeholders.  
  • Contribute positively to a respectful and inclusive committee environment. 


11. Strategic Planning: 

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the organisation’s strategic plan. 
  • Provide input on long-term goals, priorities, and growth strategies. 


12. Accountability and Reporting:  

  • Report progress on assigned tasks, projects, or responsibilities at committee meetings. 
  • Hold yourself accountable for fulfilling your commitments. 



Your role as a committee member is vital to the success of Blue Mountain Women CIC. We appreciate your dedication and look forward to working together to empower women, celebrate culture, and create positive change within our community. 


If you have any questions or need further clarification on your role and responsibilities, please feel free to reach out to the Director, Secretary, or any other committee member. 


Thank you for your valuable contribution!