About the Book

A Circle of Five is a compilation of stories from five women of the Windrush generation. Transcribed from interviews recorded by H V Joshua, the book takes us through the memories, trials and tribulations of these women, charting their genesis in the Caribbean all the way to their new lives in the United Kingdom. Told in their own voices with contextualization from Joshua, the book personalizes the migration experience and sheds new light on a pivotal historical moment.

EmpIre Windrush 1948

On a misty Monday-21st June 1948-the MV Empire Windrush sailed up the Thames and anchored at Tilbury Dock, London. There were a total of 1027 passengers on board with 802 passengers from British Colonies in the West Indies. Of these individuals, 539 were from Jamaica. The infamous images of the passengers walking down the gangplank the next morning would be the moment the Windrush Generation was born. A Circle of Five reflects on the stories of the three hundred thousand or so making the same journey between 1948 and 1971 by showcasing the voices of five Jamaican women, Evelyn, Emma, Irene, Ivy, and Melissa. Each woman tells their own story, all beginning in early 1930’s rural Jamaica and spanning some eighty years. Through these women, the experiences of the Windrush Generation come alive, honouring this vital period in British history. CPSIA choking hazard – No choking hazard warning necessary

About the Author

H.V. Joshua is a writer with a focus on black groups within the UK. He was Assistant Chief Executive at Nottingham City Council as well as a Research Associate at the Institute for Community Cohesion; and a member of the Management Board before becoming a writer full time.