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Read On Nottingham

At Blue Mountain Women, we are committed to enhancing our community through initiatives that create a positive impact – this is why we proudly stand behind Read On Nottingham, a city-wide effort aimed at improving literacy skills among families and young children. By equipping families with essential early literacy skills and nurturing a passion for reading, Read On Nottingham is actively shaping brighter futures.

“Lacking vital language skills at a young age will hold a child back at every stage of their life.

Read On Nottingham works with families and young children to improve their life chances by giving them the early literacy skills they need.

As well as focusing on the early years, we also target another crucial stage of a child’s development – their move from primary to secondary school. Keeping a love of reading going as children get older has huge benefits for their education.

Read on Nottingham is a city-wide initiative supported by Nottingham City Council and Small Steps Big Changes, and is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.”