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After being stunted by the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are relaunching Blue Mountain Women in 2023 with renewed vigour. Our mission is to bridge informational gaps, cultivate inclusivity, and empower both women and men during this transformative life phase. Through community engagement, outreach, and comprehensive support networks, we aim to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of our Nottingham community.

In 2006, Blue Mountain Women was born from Veronica Barnes’ mission to support women navigating the challenging waters of menopause. Over the years, our focus has expanded to encompass various facets of women’s health, emphasising the importance of holistic well-being and early interventions.

Menopause often brings with it a host of health conditions, compounding the need for women to maintain their well-being beyond just medications. Our approach aims to understand how these menopause-related health issues can lead to more profound challenges and complications, from hormonal imbalances to incontinence, night sweats, and increased stress.

One crucial aspect we address is the misconception that menopause is a sickness; it’s a natural transition in a woman’s life, not an ailment. Through engaging coffee mornings and open dialogues, we promote candid conversations among women to foster greater understanding and support. Medications are sometimes overused or misused due to a lack of information about menopause and its related conditions. Our goal is to equip women with precise knowledge, encouraging informed decisions and appropriate medical guidance.

Our commitment to holistic wellbeing extends beyond health advice. We’re passionate about promoting Nottingham’s rich Black history and celebrating the invaluable contributions of the Black community. Through engaging exhibitions, both physical and online, we shine a spotlight on the vibrant Black presence in Nottingham. Our dedication to preserving and sharing this essential heritage is a testament to our belief in the power of history to inspire, educate, and unite communities.

As we move forward, we welcome the feedback and contributions of our members; and together, we can create a compassionate society where the voices of African and Caribbean communities in Nottingham are heard and respected!


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